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- The remarkable true story of a defiant African boy and his bold quest for freedom

Tewodros Fekadu (pronounced Teh-wo-dros Fe-kar-du) has accumulated more heartrending, provocative and astonishing experiences than seem possible in one life time. His puzzling origin evolves into a strong identity through diverse heritage contrasting countries and multiple languages.

In his book, No One’s Son, Tewodros recounts the challenges and triumphs of surviving a poverty-stricken childhood on the streets of Ethiopia. The backdrop of civil war and the boundaries of tradition stranded him between his mother’s despair and his father’s pride. As he struggles with loneliness and the need for love, his enduring courage brings him the loyalty of friends and mentors along the way.

Striving for freedom, Tewodros envisions a better life elsewhere and flees Africa in the hope of leaving tragedy behind him at last. New cultures bring new complications; first in Egypt, then in Japan. Three desperate years in detention suck all but his incredible defiance from him. That inner fire is renewed by the devotion of a young Australian woman. Together, their love finally lifts them beyond the grip of injustice to the shores of a new life in Australia.

Rich with wisdom and humour, this story brings to life the dust swirls of drought, the rhythms of a noble culture and the snapping pace of a modern world that rewards as quickly as it can rob. Tewodros’ extraordinary journey demonstrates that dreams are only limited by one’s own imagination.

While in Japanese detention, Tewodros started compiling his memories into notes that were smuggled out of the visitor’s room. He began formulating these into a book in 2003, after settling in Australia. He has returned to the Horn of Africa several times for research and interviews to corroborate the facts surrounding his circumstances. He wanted to share his story in the hope of inspiring others from an intimate and a universal connecting point.



“Teddy’s young life covers continents, cultures, ancient and urgent conflicts. We are doubly fortunate that he has the gifts to describe them so vividly ...”
Phillip Adams, columnist for The Australian

“Tewodros’ story is an affirmation of life and the indestructibility of one man’s will to make the most of it.”
Ian Wynne, author of The Pawn and Shadow By My Side


Reader Testimonials

"What a marvellous achievement and I must congratulate you. I found it difficult to put the book down. Who knows where this wonderful, inspiring and uplifiting story will take you however I am sure it will help many people world wide. Not just an inspiring story for Africans, but and encouraging story for everyone."
Noel McBride

"I wanted to say what a fabulous book you have written and I am enjoying every page. I applaud you for such determination and courage through your incredible journey to finally arrive in Australia. What an inspiration you are!"
Jane Buck

"Thanks again for writing your book - my extended family are also reading it and I love the fact that it is giving them an understanding much deeper than I can, of Ethiopia."
Gemma Pilcher, Project Officer, Samerrro Ethiopia

"I must say your book was a riveting read and very well written. I found I could not put it down. It is fanstastic that you have a great new life ahead to now compensate for all that you endured in the past. It will make you much better equiped for the adversities of life and much more appreciative than others that have not seen life from your angle."
Frances Early

"Thank you for sharing so openly and personally with us - you are indeed an inspiration and I'm sure God will use you mightily to share and support others as well as bring awareness to our communities."
Mary Nell

"I am so glad that you could write your story. What can I say? I, like many of us in the advanced world, can never imagine what you went through but it's wonderful that you had the courage to keep going. I have bought many books over the years but don't normally keep them. I have only a few which I keep as they are very special, including yours."
Katrina Ellery

"I have just finished reading your book and I am quite emotional I have this need to express to you my feelings of gratitude for your courage and to share your amazing story. Apart from several hours of intense reading that your book has provided - that in itself is such a gift - you have contributed to enlighten me and to apply more compassion, understanding and patience in my privileged life."


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